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The CRID identifier was conceived and developed by Gerry Nesbitt [bio↗] in 2019. He saw the need for a single patient identifier that could link disparate datasets in rare disease clinical research. Prior to CRID, the alternative was to link datasets using patients' personally identifiable information (PII), which wasn't always possible due to stringent privacy regulations. National identifiers (e.g. social security number) and patients' hospital identifiers were not feasible as these too were sensitive pieces of PII that would have security and privacy concerns like healthcare fraud, reduced privacy, coercive surveillance, and many more. There is also a concern that not all of a patient's medical data should be connected to a single identifier. For Nesbitt, the obvious solution was to empower the patient (or parent of a child) to create their own identifier that could be used specifically for clinical research. The CRID (clinical research ID) was born.

Our Mission

A patient-generated unique identifier to breakdown data-silos and promote data sharing.

Team Members

Gerry Nesbitt MBA Dip.CorpFin PMP, CEO, CLIRINX Ltd.


CRID is 100% owned and managed by CLIRINX Ltd, a clinical research IT company based in Ireland. We would welcome a proposal from an appropriate non-profit organization(s) interested in acquiring and overseeing the CRID system.